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Thread: Installation of a Mk7 Multi-Function steering wheel + paddles into a Mk6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jastr View Post
    I'll be starting a lin-lin converter project. So anyone with a lin sniffer are more than welcome to help! This is the only way to get it working and even the scirocco mfsw doesn't light up without this lin-lin translator so apparently a lot of people must be missing it?!
    Dsgwhizza is in Brisbane and offered help re sniffer. Not sure where you are located.

    Jamesatfish is in Canberra and has also offered help

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    Absolutely happy to help if anyone wants to look further into this.

    We're in Canberra and have a Mk6 R and Mk7 R wheel along with the CAN/LIN sniffing tools, and we're more than happy if someone wants to come out and spend some time playing with them at our office. This is a project I was going to look into myself but unfortunately our other work commitments have pushed this down the priority list.

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    Nice work spacewalker. I saw your posts on the Rosstech forum. Have you got that converter harness now available?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacewalker View Post
    If you can post up more info that would be appreciated. There have been a couple of us attempt this mod but been unsuccessful. There are a number of steering wheels that "look like" a Mk7 wheel, however have the electronics for Mk6. Can you please confirm the part number for the steering wheel that you have used and what modifications were required to make this work.

    I have seen current model Polo GTI and Jetta steering wheels work in Mk6 Golf, however both these steering wheels/cars have the older electronics even though the steering wheel looks like a new style wheel.

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    I can vouch for spacewalker, he is one of the top VW electronics gurus around. Got my colour MFD for the Tiguan reprogrammed from him fully immo adapted including new key transponders, posted from Poland.

    I can tell he's used the mk7 wheel (he is well aware of the mk6/mk7 lookalikes) and trust he has used some magic trickery.

    I'd be curious to see how he did it! Sounds like it didn't even need a LIN bus converter?!
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    Module still nor ready to "share" ... .got some parts from china, and they are fu****** so need order new local
    My MFSW is NOT a a New Sharan/Polo/Caddy , simple run ETKA to see where that number go.
    Please dont think that everything what look like MK7 must be MK7
    The fact is new VW style MFSW looks this same, but electronic is not this same , and command / communication too

    YellowLemon, here you are ....thx for feedback, now I can code 3D cluster if you want
    Anyway - regarding MFSW I did new module, to translate command.

    You can still diagnostic MFSW, and code it , all is almost genuine
    What news my module have it:
    Can be diagnostic via VCDS, visible in autoscan
    Illumination working toogether with whole daschboard
    Recognize MFSW number
    Support MUTE and VOICE command (short press MUTE, long pres Voice command) - you have both !!!!
    Can adjust illuminate individual (if you use MK7 MFSW with WHITE backlight, or you solder RED LED) you dont know the genuine MCD value . To reduce illumination you must play with resistors. My module can reduce backlight via coding , like dimming DayLight via CECM

    Bad is: - ACC via MFSW not work , so can not be use for Passat B7 with ACC.
    LIM/MODE not work because ECU not understand it

    You can use any MFSW with ACC, LIM/MODE, CNL etc , module will convert singals to right options
    I hope in February all will be ready , user manual / how to is out , and is just 5-7 wires to solder but something must be check before installation,
    if somebody is interesting please mail me to MAJORatHOTdotPL

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    [QUOTE=tigger73;1148565]I seriously don't think the problem is the mk7 wiring harness. I've tried about every single wiring combination possible and have come to the conclusion that the mk7 wiring harness would work as-is. Though I ended up leaving it modified to the same pin-out as the Mk6.

    What is going to be of most value now is to find out what the part# for the mk6 SWCM and also for the Mk7 button controller that the guys in the UK are using.

    I'm not too concerned about illumination right now. Car mostly gets used during the day anyway.

    Hello, i have instal a Mk7 steering wheels from Passat into Mk6 Jetta.
    How did you make that horn is working? Illumination is working, also "OK" button turns the stereo volume down and the MFD screen left/right navigation changes stations.

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    Any updates on this gents? Would love An MK7 style DSG wheel for my MK6 Golf R

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    I finally got around to swapping in the MFSW with paddles shifters today. Ended up with a wheel from a 2009 R36, which I'm happy with despite initially looking for one from an R32. As most people seem to say, not a difficult job, though I was a bit nervous around the airbag. Fortunately I got the new code into OBDeleven just moments before my 2013 Nexus tablet decided to throw a tanty. Wheel feels good, and the shifters will be handy.
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