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Thread: Polo EPC Problem

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    Polo EPC Problem

    Interesting EPC problem

    I have a 2015 MY Polo, 5 speed Manual, 1.2TSI

    The EPC indicator comes on in 4th Gear at low or zero throttle. It will not come on in any other Gear and does not seem to be dependent on rpm. Even at highway speeds if you back off, the EPC Indicator comes on

    The car now cannot be driven at 50kmh in 4th Gear because it will momentarily cut off fuel, then turn the fuel back on with large thumps through the transmission. (This is about 1500rpm in 4th Gear)

    In 3rd gear, for example, it will roll down to 20kmh with no problems apart from a little vibration if you pull away from this speed (800rpm) once you get boost

    My driving style has changed to suit. I tend to avoid the use of 4th gear

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    That's a weird one. Definitely needs looking at by a mechanic before it gets worse or does damage

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