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Today 03:26 PM
 RE: 140TDI DPF with Adblue
Glad that works for you... I have heard a few people online have issues with the refilling of the AdBlue, causing further issues down the line such as the car not being able to start due to it not... (11,485 views, 38 replies)
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Today 02:41 PM
 Tiguan Exhaust
Right. Thanks mate. Might weld a little handle onto the round dial to make turnining it manually a bit easier. (70,157 views, 404 replies)
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Today 02:05 PM
 Discover Media retrofit
Proper CP matched PQ Discover Media is quite involved and difficult. I have mine done but it's more as an academic exercise and for completeness. Wouldn't recommend it when there are easier and... (81,753 views, 356 replies)
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Today 11:28 AM
 New gear shift assembly
finally fixed this issue myself, using part 5Q0713128A there is another part depending on your model - mine is 16 Mk7, watched video Mk7 Golf R - Error: workshop! Only leave vehicle in Position P -... (16,214 views, 16 replies)
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Today 10:52 AM
 The Official Mk7 Wheel Thread
OZ Alleggerita 18 x 8 on DG springs and 235/40: 50729 50730 (2,343,774 views, 7,517 replies)
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Today 09:11 AM
 Sun Vizor difficult to move sideways - 7.5 tsi
Try some silicone spray or at the extreme end a light rub with fine sandpaper (121 views, 3 replies)
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