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Today 01:14 PM
 Make 12v turn off with key?
Itís just a fuse with some long wires on it so it can jumper between different fuse sockets. Some aftermarket radios need to done so they turn off with the ignition. Anybody could fit it. Just plugs... (229 views, 5 replies)
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Today 01:08 PM
 Auto on headlights
itís so when your REALY speeding through cops can see you coming (1,194 views, 8 replies)
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Today 01:08 PM
 Correct brake rotors for GT Sport
I did that, and no response after a week :( (121 views, 2 replies)
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Today 11:25 AM
 Bridgestone dueler HP 5X new tyres
Selling new tyres off my new amarok. 5 tyres. Less then 500km travelled. 255/50 R20 See attached photos - chasing around $1500... (25 views, 0 replies)
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Umai Naa!!
Today 10:51 AM
 T5.1 Timing Belt Service
Timing belt is due at 105,000kms/7 years, whichever comes first. Next major service is at 120K. (45 views, 1 replies)
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Today 10:26 AM
 Amarok On-Roader
A mob called SUSD (NZ) they make a kit for about $2.5k, also got Bilsteins.. All installed by AIS Blaxland. I also put 19"Canterra rims with 55 profile Goodyear f1's. It handles quite nicely now... (108 views, 2 replies)
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Today 09:28 AM
 Tiguan IS38 and Big turbo upgrades
Nice.. I need to do some..but in lockdown in Victoria like Nazi Germany..:facepalm: (69,475 views, 859 replies)
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Today 09:00 AM
 Stolen fuses & manual, details of fuse voltages for Tiguan. 2019 Wolfsburg
This might help as to ALL FUSE locations 2018 Tiguan Fuse/Relay layouts - Google Docs (456 views, 14 replies)
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Today 04:53 AM
 Hi Melb
Hi, From melb needed help with coding my scirocco with RNS510, found a thread here which could have someone that can help me. Hopefully they can (25 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 10:53 PM
 2.0 FSI Poor idle when cold
This might be an option as well it claims its safe for bearings etc. and if its used in conjunction with a vacuum might be suitable and disolve the residue out with some carby cleaner Safe Soda... (9,214 views, 135 replies)
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Yesterday 09:21 PM
 Golf 118 TSI Engine Failures and Service Campaign 24S4
Sell it immediately! They can go at any time. Ours was purring like a kitty cat and suddenly went. Wasn't a slow deterioration. (402,012 views, 1,356 replies)
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Yesterday 08:56 PM
 Supernova headlight upgrade.
Yes, that's correct. Sent from my SM-G986B using Tapatalk (1,636 views, 22 replies)
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Yesterday 08:53 PM
 New to Watercooled
Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and want to introduce myself. I live in Menai NSW. In my 20s I was a proud owner of a VW TL/1600 Fastback, which I loved. I wish that I still had it. I now... (42 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 07:33 PM
 Starting problems
How many KMs on the engine? Perhaps the injectors are wearing out or there is some blockage? Or not enough timing for some reason on start up (388 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 07:29 PM
 Replacing broken bracket / button for Mk5 Golf parcel shelf strings
Yeah I just noticed that. I actually fitted these to my old mk6 without issues. The length of the rope was perfect and it certainly did the job. (14,318 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 07:27 PM
 The Official Mk7 Wheel Thread
Work VS-MX 18 x 10 ET35 on 215/35 and air.. yep stretch: 49041 49042 49043 (2,300,983 views, 7,100 replies)
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Yesterday 05:08 PM
 Mk2 Tiguan VCDS Tweaks
Its on the Google store now I updated mine last week Is version 0.25.2 (349,556 views, 1,039 replies)
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Definitive Car Detailing
Yesterday 04:49 PM
 BMW X5 - Definitive Sydney Liquid Glass Ceramic Coating Paint Protection
BMW X5 Black Sapphire Definitive Sydney Liquid Glass Ceramic Coating High Gloss Enhancement Paint Protection Treatment. - Full Detail Wash (40 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 04:15 PM
 First VW
Hey all, New to the VW scene, picked up a good ol 2013 golf. Hadn't owned anything for the last 2 years and needed something to daily! Would like to make it a little bit more fun, since its a joy... (40 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 04:12 PM
 Hayden and Cliffos Mk4 R32 build
EA113 and DQ250 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk (16,736 views, 164 replies)
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