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Today 06:54 PM
 2013 Passat sports mode
Yes you are correct its the manual tiptronic mode. Its not like i look at it but the numbers don't come up like they do in normal drive. In normal drive is on the top right of the MFD Sent... (53 views, 2 replies)
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Today 06:15 PM
 Team_v's Tig
It’s good to see that some Tig members keeping theirs for 10+ years. We still have our 2010 TDI with 6sp Auto (not DSG), it’s done 105,000km. I’ve just only recently replaced the parking brake... (187,285 views, 724 replies)
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Today 05:24 PM
 Sams Polo 3.0
I'd be interested to see what that more production based Cooltech Industries Polo Gti that was at Wakefield when you were there does. (12,656 views, 143 replies)
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Today 04:53 PM
 Sharkie's TSI Amarok Build
Ah nice, looking forward to getting it tuned already! That's a nice pod setup, I'm sure you get plenty of sound out of that. I noticed the stock air box setup has a pipe that runs to the front... (57,615 views, 173 replies)
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VW Convert
Today 04:14 PM
 DSG downhill gear changes
True that, engine breaking is highly undesirable! :-) (121 views, 4 replies)
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Today 04:08 PM
 Mk7 GTI buyers guide review video
Over 400,000 k's in Mk6, Mk7 and Mk7.5's and I can't say as I have seen any of those either. Cheers Gary (307 views, 5 replies)
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Today 04:05 PM
 Brake pedal feel
If the outlet valves/s are leaking then pulling the fuse won't help. Cheers Gary (3,789 views, 85 replies)
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Today 03:22 PM
 Flappy paddles steering wheel in Tiguan.
All installed Golf R MK6 DSG 2011 Airbag part # 5K0 880 201 L 81U It came assembled with the correct harness as well, but had the older style clip plug to clock-spring. The only difference... (68,479 views, 222 replies)
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Today 11:32 AM
 VW Polo BUILD #3: CIAOS Continues...
Blueslip, one should always have a tame blueslip inspector :cool: Cheers Gary (117 views, 4 replies)
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Today 10:08 AM
 Project pACC!
Hi Flipper Dog, So are you saying the maps are fine? That would be a great relief and I can then place order for the new radar. :) (227 views, 8 replies)
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Today 09:39 AM
 Discover pro screen internal crack?
Cheers Grugly! Yeah, always serviced by VW - next time it's in, i'll raise it with the Service Advisor and see how I go. They just replaced a temp regulator under warranty so perhaps they'll do the... (13,582 views, 81 replies)
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 Mercedes A200 - Definitive Sydney Graphene Shield Graphene Coating Protection
Mercedes A200 Mountain Grey Definitive Sydney Graphene Shield Anti Static Graphene Coating Paint Protection Treatment - Full Detail Wash - Clay Bar Decontamination - Medium Paint Correction... (20 views, 0 replies)
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