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    Sticky: Anyone in South Western Sydney that could help...

    Anyone in South Western Sydney that could help code a new CANBUS in my MKV Jetta?

    Looking at picking up an RCD330+ but would also need a CANBUS update to sort out battery drain issues.

  2. Looking to upgrade/retrofit headunit in '06 Jetta (Sydney).

    As titled. Originally had plans to have this done a couple years back when I first purchased the car, I believe it was through Vincent on Gumtree, only for a cooling pipe to burst the night before...
  3. NSW Hey everyone! '06 MKV Jetta 2.0 FSI Owner - Looking to upgrade headunit.

    Hey everyone,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Sydney based.

    Was actually looking to purchase and get installation done for an RCD 510 for my '06 MKV Jetta - I've been using CDs for a...
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