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    i would have one ..

    count me in ... is there a release date for OZ for the id3 and 4 ? i also like the skoda Eynaq... mayeb even better that the 1d4 ? i hope that the gov come to the party and encourage Evs rather than...
  2. surging, bucking, stalling very scary . help ...

    Hi All this is my 1st post on this forum..
    I Have a love hate relationship with my 2013 2.0 biturbo 8spd auto Amarok . always an electrical issue to deal with from sensors to door locks, egr etc ....
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    QLD loving hating my 2.0 amarok biturbo

    Hi all , my name is richard from just outside cairns Qld . I have a 2013 Amarok 2.0 biturbo 8spd auto which i love driving and towing etc, but there is always some issue ( mostly electrical ). so...
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