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  1. Hello, No. Vw didnt seem to care too much and...


    No. Vw didnt seem to care too much and has no solution either. The only thing ive found to temporarily get it shiny is Baby Oil... No, Im not kidding. LOL
    If you find something longer...
  2. Silver window trim on to get clean???


    I just bought a 2008 Eos a couple weeks ago. Prior to buying the car i asked if the car would be detailed, and specifically if the silver dull and streaked looking window trim would be...
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    New 2008 EOS owner


    Found you all on google :)

    My names Shelley and live in New Hampshire in the US (45 mins from Boston). I just purchased a certified used 08 Eos in Candy White. I grew up driving VWs...
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