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    I've written a separate post on the polo forum...

    I've written a separate post on the polo forum (has not yet appeared. The dealer printout I received shows parts to be replaced and price but no service task details. What I received from VW HO was...
  2. Polo MY21 85TSi Turbo dsg Serving Schedule and Tasks

    As our 11-month-old MY21 85TSi DSG Polo was approaching the due date for its first service I realised that, unlike the previous MY13 polo, there was no printed booklet with a service timeline and...
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    Polo MY21 85TSi Turbo dsg

    Bought the MY21 dsg Polo late last year to replace an MY13 manual Polo. Now realise that, unlike the previous Polo, there is no written service timeline or service task breakdown readily available. ...
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