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Thread: VW Amarok - 2.0L diesel

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    VW Amarok - 2.0L diesel

    HI All,

    Always worked on my cars, now in an Amarok 2017.

    Just replaced my EGR cooler after noticing a slight water leak and the orange engine light came on, did a quick diagnostic and it pointed to EGR so assumed it was the cooler. Looking for more info on how to bleed the coolant, not much info around on these models of Amarok.

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    The vast majority of new cars want the coolant to be vacuum filled. Its actually pretty cool how these tools work, although at the same time its annoying that you cant easily just fill it up by pouring into the overflow bottle.

    I bought this kit and have used it to do a coolant flush on my wifes diesel Audi SQ5 V6 after getting some unusual contamination in the coolant from a burst silica bag (yes that's right, they use silica bags in the coolant overflow bottles to prolong the life of the coolant, but when these silica bags burst they contaminate the coolant and make it look like rusty water) in the coolant over bottle.

    You also need an air compressor to use this tool.

    Tip: have your ignition running and your heater set to full heat but on low fan speed to ensure you fill the coolant in your heater core too.

    Draper 09544 Coolant Vacuum Refill Kit : Home Improvement
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