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Thread: Passat R36 in Wellington

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    Passat R36 in Wellington

    Hey everyone,

    Passat R36 owner here; had it for probably 5 years now, and it's only my second non-Honda. Always just had it serviced and looked after by the local rep garage, but now that it's getting a bit longer in the tooth I'm more open to taking care of issues myself. Google searches have led me to this site a number of times, and it's about time I joined the fun! Not sure I'll have much to contribute that hasn't already been covered by someone else already though, haha.

    With young kids the wagon has a hard life hauling the family (and various sporting and holiday equipment) around the country, but we try our best to keep it in good condition.

    Looking forward to being a part of the online community!


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    Welcome NZRacerX Al,
    My Kiwi relatives are in Island Bay. Go the Canes!
    Cheers Al

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