Hi guys I am Mario Perth WA. One of my cars is a Golf R Mk6 2013. I always like to keep my cars in good condition (who doesn't). My story goes like this, my car has an extended warranty in place, it runs until 200K, at the moment car has 150K. Recently, I was driving home and the car suddenly started hesitating (shudder??) and lost power, engine lights went ON and OFF throughout the episode; I stopped, started the engine again and all good, during that week the same issue happened twice. I scanned the car and found cylinder 3 misfiring. Bought new set of plugs (R6 Bosch as the stock ones), installed and torqued them to 25 Nm and the issue remained. Bought 4 new APR coils, installed and the car **** itself. On a live data (scanner) cylinder 4 (not 3)had around 400 misfires in a short time. Checked the new APR coils and incredible enough one of the new coils had a different resistance value compared to the other 3 coils which were the same. Long story short I am getting a coil replacement from the company I bought them from.

I then installed the old coils back, swapped them around to isolate the issue and Cylinder 3 was still misfiring not as bad as the APR coil, but I could heard the car hesitating and shaking; I checked the connectors all was good, so to me the problem could be narrowed to a clogged injector.

At this stage I decided to take the car to a VW dealer in Perth because injectors are covered in the extended warranty. Booked the car, I was told to pay $180 diagnostic fee, which I agreed as obviously they won't believe my story. Got a called in the afternoon, saying car needs new plugs and coils, to which I said, car has one week old plugs and the lady said, who installed them for you, I said, my friend who is a mechanic, and then she went on saying, did you guys clear the codes, and I said obviously, yes!

I told the service rep that the issue was not the plug nor the coil but she said that's what the Technician recommended, and that if I took my car away then come back, it will be another $180 in diagnostic fee. Seriously?

So in the end they installed a new coil for $330 and the invoice says, installed new coil, road tested, no misfired detected.

OK, next week I will be collecting the car and I'll be taking my Austel scanner and run the diagnostic program there at the dealer, because with the old coils the misfire was not that evident, but it was there and only on cylinder 3, so in case the car continues to misfire I'll ask to speak to the mechanic.

Now the question for you guys are, is it normal for a car to misfire on only one cylinder?

Can you please let me know what your thoughts area about the whole thing?