Hi there VW Watercooled Community.

I'm a real newbie to community forums such as this but no newbie to VW Golfs. Mid '80s and early 90's I owned three 2 door Mk1 Golfs, the last I was going to restore as it was rust free but someone absconded with the shell, engine and 5 speed gearbox whist doing some restoration work.

Fast forward two decades and after lots of Commodores, Falcons, a Territory, a 1990 1.6 MX5, a Renault Megane 2.0L Manual I purchased a used 2007 Mk5 2.0 TDI 103kW Sportline Manual with Vienna interior. 11 years and 150,000km later I can well and truly say its the best and most reliable car I have every owned.

I have had my eye on replacing the MkV with a MkIV GTD. Trouble is very time I get back into my Mk5 after test driving a MkIV GTD I just marvel at how much an engaging drive it is. So now it's time to turn the MkV into and even better machine. I'm looking at engine improvements, brake upgrade, and suspension upgrade (including wheels and tyres). Suspension upgrade may even extend to aftermarket KW adaptive dampers.

I have history in road and race vehicle engineering; ride and handling (being a specialty), supercharging, engine management calibration, emissions tuning and alternative fuel systems development. Unfortunately all naturally aspirated spark ignition petrol engines, so I know I know very little about electronic injected turbo diesels! Hopefully I can impart some of my old school my knowledge and experience in return for help on these wonderful 21st century Golfs.