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    Hi All,
    Recently picked up a 2015 162RS manual wagon. Absolutely love it, but am keen to make some small modifications to give it a bit more zip.

    Have checked out these forums in and out over the years and everyone seems pretty helpful, so looking forward to seeing what comes up along the way.

    Cheers from the hot and/or ridiculously wet Qld.

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    New to the forum but Iíve been driving a transporter for almost 20 years! Currently looking for a new mechanic as my last one retired. John & Dave from VW Salvage at Mermaid Beach always looked after my T4 through good times and bad times. Since they retired Iíve struggled to find someone to keep my van maintained and travelling!

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    Hi and welcome Pineapple_162. Not many manual Octy VRS's out there so you have got yourself something unique. If you want some more zip out of it then you cant go past a stage 1 tune which will give you another 40kw or so and about 80-100nm. Go see Ben at Tarmac Engineering in Brissy for a custom tune, or if you just want a well developed "off the shelf" tune then there are dealers for APR, Racingline OEM+ and Underground Performance around Brissy.

    Only thing to be mindful of with a manual is you are limited to how much extra torque the clutch can handle. But all the tuners are well aware of this and offer a "lower torque" tune specifically for cars with a manual transmission.
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