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Thread: Newbie.....but oldie haha

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    Cool Newbie.....but oldie haha

    Hey all,
    First time poster here, but old time Dub tragic. Originally from the UK a long time ago I had a string of Golfs, mk2's, 3's & a supercharged V6 4motion. Always a fan of the VR6. Hadn't had a VW for 10 years then decided to get myself a mk7 Golf R last year, wow! Now i'm bitten by the bug again we've just bought a 2019 Tig 162 Highline with RLine etc as the adventure vehicle.
    Loving being back in the fold, so Hi!!

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    Gday chargedgolf,

    Welcome to the Golf R Club. We had a Black 2008 Polo Gti with stage 2 Revo, until 2019 then we traded it on the White Golf R Wagon with the lot. Timing was great with VW Australia offering the Golf R Wagon OR for sub $60k but with all the option's it climbs sharply.

    Cheers Al

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