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    Hello All You Fellow VW Tragics I am a VW Retread, owned a 1978 VW Kombi CamperVan Sopru version no doubt, kicked myself for ages not getting the Swagman version as it was about 400 kg lighter owned it for 32 years sold it for a 2004 Holden Commodore Executive Sedan, as I was getting fed up with Freezing in Winter and Boiling in Summer, sold the Crumble Door Executive Sedan, went to a Subaru Liberty Wagon and a 2017 VFII Motorsport Edition Commodore V8 ,sold the Suby too small and just purchased a 2012 VW Passat 125TDI Highline Wagon, still have the Limited Edition Motorsport Commodore though...not getting rid of that. And finally thankyou for allowing me to join this Forum....Cheers Boys and Girls
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