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Thread: New from Melbourne

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    New from Melbourne

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Savio and I live on the outer east of Melbourne, Vic; Olinda, actually.

    I have owned many different car brands over the years and, as an engineer by profession, usually end up down a significant rabbit hole learning about every minute detail of them....that's why I love these forum communities for the incredible depth of knowledge, experience and friendly engagement! I particularly enjoy some of the really in-depth engine and suspension discussions and have many times used this forum as a reference, as I'm sure everyone does.

    My VW experience consists of currently owning a Golf Mk6 GTD since 2019. It was purchased from the original owner in Melbourne and have loved every kilometer of ownership so far (perhaps not so much the sometimes very high maintenance costs, however....). Amazing handling and dynamics, incredible fuel economy and startling performance - great all round daily driver!

    I'm particularly interested in purchasing a T5 Transporter next and may hopefully add a nice example to the fleet in the near future.

    I also hope I'm able to make a positive contribution to these forums over time.

    Thanks for accepting my registration, most appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome. The GTD is a great little car - honestly surprised there aren't more of them around. I was somewhat tempted to buy one a few years ago but wanted a manual + very good condition + reasonable km's and just couldn't find what I wanted at the time.
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