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Thread: New to the group

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    New to the group

    Hi all,

    Iíve just joined the group after doing a google search, looking for an Australian based Golf R forum to join.

    Iím driving a Black 2022 MK8 R, optioned with window tint, upgraded sound and heads up display.

    I previously own the MK 7.5 R Grid Edition and so moving to the MK 8 R seemed a logical move.

    Whilst I agree there are quirky things about this model that are annoying, I am getting use to them and really enjoying the drive experience.

    Thanks for including me in this group and I look forward to reading the content and contributing from time to time.

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    Hi and welcome. I got my first chance to have a good look at a Mk8 R last weekend and I like the way they look (its grown on me over time).
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