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Thread: Mk6 GTI

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    Mk6 GTI

    Love my little beast. Even though it seems like every 5 minutes it needs a major engine component replaced.
    Here to research some mods

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    Welcome. I had a Mk6 GTI a few years back. Link to my build thread if you are interested for your mods research: My other German fling: Mk6 GTI

    If you havent already figured it out, most parts are much cheaper to source from either USA or Europe rather than buying locally. Just get the part number and google for it.

    They are pretty good little cars although they do have some mechanical issues/design flaws (especially so on earlier 2010-2012 models) such as inlet manifold, water pump, PCV, and of course the timing chain/tensioner issues. I changed the timing chain tensioner and PCV on mine, but never had water pump or inlet manifold issues thankfully. Sold the car with 88,000km on it.

    I now have a Mk7 GTI which still has its own issues (water pump namely) but thankfully VW fixed most of the known Mk6 issues on the Mk7 engine.
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