Firstly welcome aboard

As you will have noticed you can only view the "First Stop" section of the board including this newbie section. This section has been specially created as a friendly place for new users to introduce themselves and their rides. Let us know who you are, what you drive, where you come from and how you ended up here.

New users will not be able to view or post in any other section of the board until after they have posted their introduction thread in the Newbies Corner, within 15 minutes of your first post the rest of the forums will open up allowing you access to all areas except the Members Classifieds Section. To post in the classifieds sections users must have more than 10 posts AND have been a member for more than 90 days.

Please take a minute to read over the rules of the forum: Rules of the Forum then make your first post.

VWWatercooled Administrator