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Thread: Hi! Maybe first time VAG owner here!

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    Hi! Maybe first time VAG owner here!


    thinking about joining the gang, and have posted about why VAG get such a bad wrap here Tentative first VW (MK7.5 R) buyer question? Why the bad rap?

    Pretty freaking pumped!!

    My background is modified jap cars; SR's, RB's, 2J's, Civics, Subeys and i still own a single turbo 89 GTR. Im mechanically minded and do 99% work myself, have rebuilt motors etc.

    Looking to replace my 2017 rav4 with a MK7.5 R Wagon. I do 25k km;s / year, but thinking about moving to something that a little more interesting than a Rav4 lol

    Im put off by the horror stories though, hence my post above. Looking for feedback

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