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Thread: Hello. Vw peeps

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    Hello. Vw peeps

    First time poster long time reader. Just saying hi i own a 2019 golf r. Stage 3. Done buy myself and spectune Running a v5. Producing 345 kw atw. Huge auido system Bathurst tsw wheels Porsche front callipers 2 piece rotors front and back
    Custom exhaust.

    I do all the actual fab work on the car and ben tunes it

    Oh its black. Its a toy. But im posting because it has a drama and before i torch it to the ground. I thought i would ask you good folk

    I have a battery drain.

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    Hi and welcome. Sounds like a quick car that you have spent plenty of time and money on. Ben from Tarmac knows how to tune these engines well for sure. And no doubt you must be pretty handy with the spanners to do all the mechanical mods yourself.

    Post up some pics - would love to see the car.

    Hmmm battery drain issue....those are always fun. Start with unplugging or disabling any aftermarket electronic device you have fitted to the car one at a time (its probably to do with your stereo, but given the car is heavily modified it could be any aftermarket electronic device).
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