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Thread: Golf mk4 r32

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    Golf mk4 r32

    Hi all

    I'm a proud owner of an R32 MK4, and have hit a wall trying to find a PCV valve replacement part. as far as I understand it comes as a complete unit with the Rocker cover. if anybody knows someone who is selling this item I would be very interested to look into purchasing this part. OEM part 022103429AB

    regards David

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    Welcome David, good to see another VR owner on here

    The RKX kit is a great piece of gear, I'm running it on my Bora swapped R32.

    But I think there is some confusion here, the MK4 R32 does not run the "diaphragm" style PCV like the MK5 R32 engines do. The part number you have listed is for a MK5.

    So do you have a MK4 or MK5? Give some more info, or pics.

    Couldn't hurt to post this question and some pics up in the appropriate section of the forum either for better feedback from other members.

    2004 VW Bora 4motion | 3.2 Swapped - R32 Trimmings | BBS CH | Forever fixing this bitch

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