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Thread: First V-DUB and New to this forum

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    First V-DUB and New to this forum

    Hi All,

    Just joined this forum, it has some really good information and can learn alot about VWs. I have always owned Jap cars and Holdens. So this VW stuff is a change for me.

    I was looking for a nice quick car and was originally going to buy an Evo 8 MR but needed a car that somewhat keeps a low profile and an Evo attract too much unwanted attention. A friend of mine talked me into getting a VW, glad he did. So I went out and bought a:

    • 2006 Golf GTI MKV in Black, with only 57000KM on the clock, has a sunroof and is Manual.

    It is stock other than 2 changes I have made so far:

    • GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
    • Painted the stock Rims Matt Black

    Intended mods in the near future:

    • Volant Cold Air Intake System
    • An ECU Tune, have not decided what yet
    • Maybe a turbo back exhaust system

    Well that's me so far, loving my Golf and glad I bought it.


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    already with the upgrades... nice

    Stage 1 should wake it up nicely and keep you smiling

    If it has an engine or heartbeat it's going to cost you. | Getflix

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a good mk5

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