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Thread: Sudden. Misfire

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    Sudden. Misfire

    So weekend just gone I noticed it was. Misfiring did a diagnostic on it and it came up with a fuel injector issue number 3.
    so I did an additive to try clean it GUI donít think thatís worked.
    My next is replacing spark plugs. With my service on the weekend

    any one else got any ideas???

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    Sounds like you might have carbon buildup on your injectors which is pretty common on the 2.0TSI engine (assuming this is the engine you have).

    How many km's on the engine?

    Due to the engine being a direct injection design, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber instead of into the inlet manifold like older port injection engines, and as a result you get carbon buildup on the intake valves and injectors which needs to be cleaned every so often (time varies from one car to another and how the car is driven, but say on average every 100,000-120,000km or so).
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