I picked up my tigger from the dealer after its 60,000 click service.
They said that they were concerned about oil leaking from the lower intercooler hose. I believe them because I was starting to get oil drops on the floor over the last month and the engine sounds a bit odd when I lift-off the throttle.

Anyway, they said they've cleaned it up and now want me to drive it until Monday (I have a Sydney to Canberra trip set down for Friday) so they can diagnose it.

Since I can't risk being stuck on the Hume Hwy needing a tow truck (and possibly a new engine) and my faith in the dealer is waning rapidly, I did a search and found Sydney Diesel Centre.

Has anyone used them and if so, were they ok? If not, is there anyone else in Sydney that isn't a VW dealer that they'd trust?

This is frustrating because I planned to do a trade-in at the end of January.