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Thread: Car running rich (p2178 & p2188)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NIC01Q View Post

    These are my plugs after 700kms.

    I did also see that one of my coil packs (4th one) were discoloured/ bronze in colour in comparison to the original silver they come in.
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    I think you should clean spark plugs, MAP sensor, O2 sensor and check again

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    Can you please share if you ever got this problem fixed? Having same problems on 2012 VW CC.

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    Do you overfill your fuel when you fill up? By going past the first click on the bowser and putting in as much fuel as you can? What you're experiencing is symptomatic of that over time...

    Replace the carbon/charcoal canister and N80 purge valve - you said PCV is done already, that would have been the next thing to replace.

    Also possible your oil is overfilled.

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    I finally got mine fixed. It was my injectors.

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    I had this. Hpfp seal was cactus and leaking fuel into the engine. Replaced hpfp and good to go.

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    Same for me on a 2012 tsi 155kw engine, HPFP leak fuel into oil. Random engine light too rich at idle. Replaced fixed at 124,000Km

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