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Thread: ADELAIDE - Help diagnosing towbar install

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    ADELAIDE - Help diagnosing towbar install

    Hi everyone,

    I've just had some assistance installing a towbar for my dad's 5N Tiguan. It has been physically installed.

    I plugged in the towing electronics module and did the (dodgy) soldering of the cables underneath the dash. Unfortunately I'm not getting any power to the trailer.

    Just wondering if anyone in Adelaide has a 5N Tiguan with the factory towbar that would be willing to assist in diagnosing where my problem is? Perhaps I may not have hooked it up properly or my electronics module is faulty.

    Happy to supply beers or some sort of remuneration.


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    Hey. Adelaide '15 5N here. Southern suburbs.

    I recently installed a 2ndhand factory towbar & electronics module myself, and then had the underdash soldering done properly (+ a dashcam wired in) by an auto sparky.

    I plugged in my OBDeleven device, ran a diagnostic check & it found the towbar electronic module. I coded it to Australia and have indicators and brake lights BUT no rear light when headlights are on, only tested on 1 trailer though, using a cheap ebay euro13pin-7pin converter.

    I'm ok with that for now; towed my track bike to The Bend at dawn with fixed red bicycle lights taped to the sides of the trailer. Dodgy but meets the legal definition of fixed rear facing lights, I think. I'll buy a better 13-7pin converter soon, but my issue is likely coding related.

    Firstly, Have you coded the electronics via the obd11 port? You didn't mention that in your post. Secondly, you plugged your towing module ecu into the right rear plug behind the plastic toolbag/jack compartment, right?

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