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Thread: 2008 Tiguan Turbo Actuator

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    2008 Tiguan Turbo Actuator

    Hi Guys,

    My Dad has a 2008 Tiguan TDI which currently goes into limp mode, when the hot plug light comes on.

    Taking into the local mechanic, they have suggested to replace the turbo. A cost of over $2000 AUD. Doing some research it appears to potentially be the turbo actuator. However have been told that this part is not available in Australia from VW as a repair kit anymore, and thus need to order from overseas.

    For reference the fault codes coming up are:

    09572 - Turbocharger Boost Control Position Circuit Signal Too Low (P2564 Intermittent)
    09571 - Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit Implausible Signal (2563 Intermittent)

    Is anyone able to tell me the part number I need to order, or reference a website in which we can order. I have been told the turbo part is 03L255019J however not sure what I need to get, don't want to order the wrong part.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Get in touch with Darkside Developments in the UK - they sell the turbo's and actuators for any of the VW TDI engines. Try and get the part number off your existing actuator so you can find a direct like-for-like replacement unit.
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    My MY008 does the same thing. It often happens on a hill when I push the accelerator down. There is a lack of power and then it goes into safe mode.
    I took it to the mechanic who charged $1500 to replace a sensor however the problem still occurs intermittently.

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