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Thread: STICKY: VW POI - 2019 Australian Speed & Red Light Camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by ginloin View Post
    Thanks. Yeah, don't get me wrong, I'm heaps grateful for the work done to provide this functionality. Some other brands include camera warnings as standard so it's nice to at least have something. It's just, without audible warnings, you kinda have to be looking at the map all the time to know that a camera is coming up.

    It's weird though that it does work (for me) for mobile cameras. I wonder what is different about that setting?
    Of course a good driver wouldnt have to worry about the cameras would they LOL AFAIK Ive never had warnings but I think I have them turned off. Too many bloody dings and things
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    Hi all, and again outstanding work for the April update linked to the site from Post 43. Simply - a huge thanks.

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