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Thread: MIB2 Discover Media retrofit done. Need some assistance

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    MIB2 Discover Media retrofit done. Need some assistance

    Hi guys. Its been ages since I have been on the forum.

    Anyway, did a retrofit on my Golf 7 R from MIB1 composition media to MIB2 Discover Media which included the 6.5" screen together with the infortainment unit (3Q0035876A - NAV unit) in the glovebox and the correct USB for app connect and carplay.

    We managed to get everything working including flashing the unit from NAR (US) to EU firmware. Then unlocked app connect, performance meter, voice control, bluetooth etc.

    Only thing Im looking for now is the FEC/SWAP code for ROW navigation so that i can unlock the NAV function on the unit. (EU maps work as we managed to activate the EU FEC but it's pointless for my region)

    Any one with discover media MIB2 system that can assist with the FEC code? (You can see installed FEC codes when holding the menu button for 5-10 seconds). I think developer mode needs to be enabled with VCDS though in controller 5F.

    Anyone need any info or pictures of the setup, let me know. Will upload them here.
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    did you find the swap code for your region, i am looking for it too.

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    Sorry again for reviving an older post however I can help with FECs/SWaPs and Component Protection if required

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    ​For anyone interested in generating FECs for MIB, here's the structure of map codes.

    ??xxxxxx - Brand

    02xxxxxx - Audi
    03xxxxxx - Bentley
    04xxxxxx - Bugatti
    05xxxxxx - Lamborghini
    06xxxxxx - Porsche
    07xxxxxx - Seat
    08xxxxxx - Skoda
    09xxxxxx - VW
    0Axxxxxx - VW Commercial Vehicles
    0Bxxxxxx - Scania
    0Cxxxxxx - MAN

    xx?xxxxx - Unit
    xx1xxxxx - MIB1 High
    xx2xxxxx - MIB1 Std
    xx3xxxxx - MIB2 High
    xx4xxxxx - MIB2 Std
    xx5xxxxx - MIB Highscale
    xxAxxxxx - MIB3 Premium

    xxx???xx - Region

    xxx000xx - Eu
    xxx100xx - NAR
    xxx200xx - China (3D)
    xxx280xx - China (2D)
    xxx300xx - Japan
    xxx400xx - Near East: Turkey
    xxx401xx - Near East: AGCC, Turkey
    xxx402xx - Near East: Israel
    xxx403xx - Near East: AGCC
    xxx500xx - South Africa
    xxx600xx - Australia, New Zealand
    xxx700xx - India
    xxx800xx - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
    xxx801xx - Chile
    xxx900xx - Asia Pacific
    xxxA00xx - South Korea
    xxxB00xx - Taiwan
    xxxD00xx - RoW
    xxxD01xx - RoW
    xxxF00xx - Special Database

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