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Thread: MIB2 Carplay USB Port question

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    MIB2 Carplay USB Port question

    Hi all,
    I am upgrading the standard MIB2 in my new Amarok W580s to an Alpine X308au.

    My question relates to the stock USB port under the climate controls. Based on the research i have done this is a "carplay enabled" USB port. I want to be able to use this with the Alpine unit. My understanding is that it is an active USB port requiring its own power. The cable that goes into the port has the HSD 4 core cable with an additional 2 wires on the outside of it. I believe these are the wires that supply the active power to the port. Correct me if im wrong.
    What voltage does it require? Ive read 5v and also 12v. Does anyone know which it is? Obviously if i give it 12v and it only needs 5v ill fry the port.

    Ive been going round in circles for a few weeks trying to understand why this port wont work with the Alpine unit and im pretty sure this is the reason.

    The other question i have is:
    Even if i do manage to get it to work by giving it power, will there be any issues caused by the carplay enabling component of the USB port going into a head unit that has its own internal carplay capabilities? Essentially, cascading carplay juju into carplay juju. If that makes sense..?

    The other solutions to this problem are to buy a passive USB port from another model VW.
    Or to try to make an aftermarket solution work. There are no direct replacement solutions so this wil probably require some ingenuity to perform.

    All help is appreciated.

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    The OEM USB ports will not work on an aftermarket unit. The reason being is that they have special plugs that goes into the OEM VW harness which goes into the big plug receptor on the back of the OEM radio.

    Typically they look like this.
    MIB2 Carplay USB Port question-usb-plug-vw-oem-jpg
    MIB2 Carplay USB Port question-usb-plug-vw-oem2-jpg

    What you need is a plug similar to this which can plug into the USB ports on the back of the aftermarket radio (Note OEM radios have no USB ports on the back).

    MIB2 Carplay USB Port question-non-oem-usb-jpg
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I actually have an adapter that converts the yellow factory plug to USB. Aerpro makes them.

    The issue is either one of two things:
    Either the port itself need a power signal for it to switch from device mode to host mode to make it CarPlay compatible. My research suggest this.


    The factory HSD cable from the USB port is a “crossover” cable of some sort.

    Or both. Lol.

    It looks like I either need to get a passive USB port from another model of car or look at complete aftermarket solutions like the last pic you posted.


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