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Thread: I'm so very undecided on which head unit to buy

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    I'm so very undecided on which head unit to buy

    Hi all, just bought a 2012 vw passat 125tdi highline. Wanting a head unit thatll allow the following. I have zero idea where to start as the best head unit ive had before this was a jvc kd-bt1 look it up lol
    1. Spotify.. prefer if it can be controlled by the steering wheels controls
    2. Ability to load and use android apps preferred. Not an apple user so I couldnt care less about iOS features. This isnt a deal breaker, but there would want to be a good reason or good features to make up for it.
    3. Easy ability to hook up to a reverse camera
    4. Bonus points for some sort of dash cam integration
    5. Sat nav an absolute must. I dont mind if its Google maps or something else as long as it's as good as or better than g maps (ive heard waze is good)
    6. Blu tooth phone calls/hands free, obviously.
    7. I'm seeing that some have blu tooth obd11 integration. That would be cool.
    8. Voice commands, if it's even possible. Not deal breaking though.
    9. Advantage if itll handle a USB hard drive but flash drive is ok.
    10. Price. I'd exceed 500 ish only if it meant getting a lot more for my money.
    11. Screen size.. bigger is better, put bluntly, but not one of those 'tesla style' ones that delete the original air con controlls.

    All of that leads me to think that a chinese android based head unit would be best. Being that I don't have the intention of upgrading the speakers for a while, is there even any point in me looking at a pioneer/alpine etc?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hope it all fit. Fascia match between new head unit and the old surround is the tricky bit.

    I tried to use an Aerpro fascia kit to tidy up around the Kenwood 2DIN DDX in the Octavia. I rang them and checked on line, then bought the supposed right one for a Mk2 Skoda 1Z/Stream, but it doesn't fit. I could cut it to fit, but would have to remove all the tabs, cut back the existing and glue it in, not an option.

    So far Aerpro in Melbourne have not responded to my email. At $103.00 for the kit, its not recommended.
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