My Camera is not working. I have fitted the latch camera, the Trajectory control module and the cable. Silly me did not test it all firat. I have had Solitair chech the VAG programming of the RNS510 etc. but still no camera. I also have fitted a used OEM tow bar, factory rear radar sensors came from new, they work OK. We were unable to find the module in the gateway can. Solitair deduced that the Camera Module 5NO 907 441 A, was faulty. I suspect the wiring harness. I have 12volts at the module in the boot. I have the can high and can low voltages at the module. I have no way to chech these are on the right pins. When in reverse there is no power to the camera. The kit from Aliexpress is no longer online. It included the oem camera 5NO 827566 C and the panasonic module 5NO 907 441A and its holder, no claim was made about the cable part number. I'd realy appreciate some one with this high line set up plugging in my module (it is located in the boot behind the panel with the turn buckle catch, on the right hand side that accesses the petrol flap, taillight etc.) that way I'd eliminate one of the three components.
Anyone in Adelaide that can help?
Greg Moore