Passat 2018 with Discover Pro MHI2_ER_VWG13_P4174, upgraded with MHI2_ER_VWG13_K4525_MU1367 (or whatever the compatible image was). From the part numbers it looks like it is Harman.

Now I wonder if that thing can use internet for anything. It can connect to my home wifi just fine but it does not use internet for anything - not for google search for its navigation (the user manual says it can), not for any kind of updates (maps, lets say, I updated those using the usb stick), and - in particular - not for internet radio.

Is it just too old for proper wifi use? I was going to have an 4G modem in the car with wifi ap on but this seems pointless.

I noticed it is supposed to support dlna (which I have not set up), is that all it can do? I tried putting a playlist with a list of http streams on a usb stick - the device says "no playable files". May be there is a 4G modem with built-in DLNA? Long shot though

Playing from the phone via bluetooth is just annoying.