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Thread: BlueTooth related questions (all BT questions go in this thread only)

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    I have a 2010 VW Tiguan, radio model is RCD310
    Looking for advice to add Bluetooth capabilities. It is mainly for listening to music from the phone (Samsung S7).
    Would be good to listen to phone calls on the car speaker too however I am OK to use the phone's mic so no need for an external mic.
    Does anyone have any experience with units that can connect through the back of the radio? I had a GROM unit for another car (Subaru) which worked really well but am wanting to find a cheaper alternative. The GROM unit was $300.

    Or any other options to add Bluetooth to this radio? The radio has Bluetooth ability but the car doesn't have the bluetooth module. I couldn't find it, looked under the passenger seat.

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    This thread seems about as dead as doornails and search function is pretty bonkers and didn't really bring up much information for what I was looking for so thought I'd give it a crack - basically I just bought a 2011 Multivan with RNS510 and white display (OEM reverse camera and head rest media screens, if it wasn't for all this I would happily upgrade to the RCD330+). So after pulling apart 3/4's of my car trying to find the bluetooth module I can *sometimes* connect to for music streaming but NEVER get far enough into the menu for phone functions with my Iphone XR I've discovered I have a 5N0 035 730 D. The details I can see on the Ross-Tech site are as follows;

    - UHV-Premium (Novero HT-4)
    - 9ZU/9ZZ
    - BAP
    - 3G (yes)
    - HFP (yes)
    - PBAP (yes)
    - A2DP (yes)
    - RSAP (yes)

    From what I understand the 3g could potentially be an issue, but the HFP, PBAP and A2DP are all good signs for iphones? However the RSAP is bad (but does this mean it works with both android AND iphone?)

    Also, I guess none of this explains why I can only sometimes connect to just the bluetooth for your standard music streaming...

    PLZ HALP - someone just tell me what else (or who else) to throw my money at to get this all working nicely haha

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