I have a Mk7.5 Golf GTI, but I'm wondering if anybody esle with at least a 9.2" MIB 2.5 system has this happen.

I use Android Auto a lot and even on day one on one of my stops I noticed that I couldn't hear the assistant.

Everythying works, and I can get a song to be played, but I am unable to hear the assistant speak.

In these situations I can't respond to messages and I have to look for when the Assistant is listening to me to speak the pin code to open my garage door, rather than just listening for the beep.

It's fairly random but does happen often. It used to be it would be fine when I first got in the car, but not the second trip fairly soon after. So going to the shops would be fine, but coming home I'd have to look at the screen to know when to speak the garage pin.

For a few days it seemed to work all the time, and now it seems to work on the second drive of the day, which suits better for returning home.

When you ask to call someone and can't hear what the assistant is saying it's a bit of a worry if they are calling the right number, but the Assistant is pretty good at that thank goodness.

Has anybody else noticed this on their VAG based cars? If music didn't play I'd have looked into it more seriously right away, and I plan on talking with the dealership now abotu it, but wanted to run it past you guys first.

My phone is a Galaxy S20+ by the way. It has had a few resets over my time with it and they have not had any effect.