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Thread: G17 Fuel Additive?

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    G17 Fuel Additive?

    Hi all,

    Going to be doing my DIY yearly scheduled servicing on my GTI and wanted to ask people’s experience if it’s better to stick with the VW recommend fuel additive or just go with something from Nulon etc and if going with another brand am I just after an injector cleaner or an entire fuel system cleaner?

    Thanks, Stellio.

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    I personally wouldn't try Nulon or others. The only reputable aftermarket one I've researched and tried is Liquimoly, as it's been thoroughly used in Europe.

    Did all 3, one at a time, one per week:
    1. Liquimoly Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner
    2. Liquimoly Petrol Intake Decarb (although from research, the CRC seems better due higher concentration of PEA)
    3. Liquimoly Engine Detox (cleans rings & cylinder walls, restores compression..)

    Straight after the Detox you need to do an oil change as it's also an oil flush.
    I've got 80,000kms on mine and to me the difference was night & day.. after about a week of driving. Extremely smooth and responsive.
    Of the 3, the Fuel cleaner and detox had the biggest effect for my car.
    Good luck!

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