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Thread: Changing to 5w-40

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    Changing to 5w-40

    Hey all,

    I've got a Mk3 Scirocco R, same EA113 motor as the Golf Mk6 R. Factory recommended oil is 5w-30 VW504/507. Mechanic has just recommended I change to a 5w-40 as the car is pushing higher mileage and a 5w-40 will be better for it. My problem is I can't find any fully synthetic 5w-40 oil that is VW504/507. They are all VW502/505.

    Is there a fully synthetic 5w-40 that meets the vw504/507 grade my car needs? If not, is there any problem in using a vw502/505 oil?
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    502/505 is the correct 5W40 spec for petrol engines.
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    504/507 was only available in 5w30 up until recently, now its also available in 0w30.

    EA113 can also use 502/505 spec oils especially if you arent doing extended drain intervals, they ran this oil in countries where fuel quality isnt great or cars werent on extended mileage between services

    Due to the high sulphur content in local fuels you are probably better off using a 502/505 spec oil due to its higher TBN vs a 504/507 spec oil
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