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Thread: Upgrade headunit and rear camera

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    Upgrade headunit and rear camera

    Hi all,

    I've just bought a 2012 TDi Eos here in NSW. I've previously had 2 when living in London and love this car.
    But I want to make a couple upgrades and hopefully someone will have advice.

    Currently there is no rear parking camera which I'd like to install and only have the RCD510 but do have front and rear parking sensors (Park Assist 2).

    Is there a headunit that will work with a retro fit reverse camera (with dynamic lines, but can live with the static lines)?
    Is there an option to have CarPlay? (not worried about Android Auto)
    And with CarPlay I don't want to have to have a USB cable attached in the front head unit but only have an odd connection media in plug in the arm rest. Ideally would like to connect a wireless CarPlay adapter that is hidden.
    I don't want to lose any steering wheel functionality.

    Any help will be appreciated!

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