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Thread: Out with the old and in with the new

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    Out with the old and in with the new

    So, after just over 4 1/2 years of owning my Eos, I finally decided to update to a new Eos. It was sad to see the old car go, my wife and I have enjoyed some wonderful times in her, none more so than a summertime tour of the Snowy Mountains and the Victorian high country a few years back. Highly recommended for everybody to do such a trip at least once in their lifetime.

    I must admit that I felt a tinge of sadness at parting with her but was was fortunate to find a buyer who I know will get great enjoyment from and will look after the car.

    I took a few "new Vs old" photos just before the buyer came to pick the old one up.


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    Cool shots George

    As owner of the MkV Jetta I think I still prefer the chrome grill like over the update.

    The Eos IMO will be the Karmann Ghia of the future as owners don't always look after them correctly, they will become a rarity.
    Do you plan to keep the Eos a fair while George?
    - Ben

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    Which is the new one (serious).

    I had a Mk3.5 Cabrio before the current Skoda. I think everyone should own a roofless vehicle at some point.

    Personally, it would drive me batty buying what appears to be almost the same vehicle (I assume they haven't changed much over the years) but I rarely watch movies twice or go to the same resteraunttwice so that's me.

    My Sister has an EOS. Nice car and suprisingly reliable.
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    The Eos is being discontinued soon,so lucky to get one of the last ones


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