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Thread: VWwA Used SUV Guides :Touareg R5 TDI, V6, V6TDI, V8, V10TDI & R50 Type 7L: 2003-2009

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    VWwA Used SUV Guides :Touareg R5 TDI, V6, V6TDI, V8, V10TDI & R50 Type 7L: 2003-2009

    Post you Negative and Positive Experiences with your Touareg.
    And any other helpful tips for prospective buyers.

    Fill in the blanks

    Model: eg Touareg
    Engine: 3.2 177kW
    Year: 2005
    Any Problems ?: lights kept blowing
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    I posted earlier in the Newbies Section and also on lighting for towed items.

    MY07 Touareg V10 TDi, 98,000 Km. Bought about a week ago and supposedly serviced by Penrith VW.

    LHS mirror refusing to adjust.

    Green coolant, instead of 'BMW Blue'.

    LHS front parking light stays on intermittently. Shoot me if it's a known 'matter'. I'm learning. It's off today

    Washer motor not working.

    Fuel additive gong comes on low at about 97,000 Km. Don't go Dealer for $1,000 plus, go Indie for about a third of the price. Each refill is worth about 20,000 Km, up to five. Indies buy this stuff in bulk.

    Three wiper blades need replacing.

    Kerbed wheels are a problem as the 9" wheel does not provide any protection with the standard 19/275/45 tyre.

    I've done the math and 8.5" wheels provide the same rolling diameter, for better kerb protection.

    9.5" wheels will not.

    For towing, the [V10 TDi] Touareg requires an electric brake controller, like a Redarc, so that codes are not gonging, and an intermediate box for LED lights.

    A good Indie (ex-VW master technician) can properly wire up the vehicle without the need for a Redarc or intermediate box.

    Some dealers really have no clue, and think that the intermediate box will fix all problems.




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