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Thread: Touareg 2019-20 CR7 ..CB Radio and perhaps dashcam fitting

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    Lightbulb Touareg 2019-20 CR7 ..CB Radio and perhaps dashcam fitting

    Hi all,
    having taken out my gear from my now sold 2014 Touareg I am about to refit it to my new CR7 Touareg.
    looks like the unused firewall grommet on the passenger side is the way to go or the equivalent in the Driver side..with the aerial plate connected to the mudguard screw and out the side of the bonnet( worked perfectly in the 2014).
    Electics looks like the passenger A-Pillar fuse box third row empty fuse from the bottom..
    Any better suggestions?
    rgds Ming49

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    Ming have a look through the posts on Club Touareg, here is a start - How to remove glove box - CR model | Club Touareg Forum
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