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Thread: Newbie seeking advice comparing models

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    Newbie seeking advice comparing models


    I'm currently have a VW Golf GTI but now looking at a used VW Touareg (as a daily driver for wife and also to do some towing up to 2,000Kg).

    I've been looking at Mk1 and Mk2 up to around 2015 (due to $) and turbo diesel.

    I'm thinking that generally "later = better" ?? and 2013-on to have the reverse camera help line up the tow ball would be useful (believe can retro fit early ones from 2011-2012).

    In terms of the engine / transmission (6sp v 8sp) / features and the general reliability / known issues, what are the pro and cons of different models ?

    Is the 150/180 Kw a noticeable difference in reality ?
    Probably more about the torque I imagine.

    Do all the V6 diesels have EGR and when (if) did they fix the issues of EGR leaking coolant into the exhaust ?

    Any advice much appreciated !


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    Don't look at Kw. Look at torque.

    The reliability of gearboxes, in my opinion, is better with the older ones.

    I don't know about the EGR issues you speak of.

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