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Thread: Hold or Fold?

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    Hold or Fold?

    Hi all, three beetles, one Tiguan and currently a 2014 V6 Touareg which is the focus of this post. Iíve had this vehicle on lease for 5 years now and itís given me fantastic service over that time, to the point where Iím reluctant to get rid of it off lease. I genuinely love driving the car.

    Iíve driven it 135k klm in that time and on history it will be at 160k Kim in March when its due to come off lease. I think Iíd be able to buy this car for around $20k. My question is to those who have better knowledge of these cars, do you see any real issues with this car and this engine running another couple of years, say to 220k klm? At that point Iíd be looking at a new (demo) Touareg to replace it but the budget wonít allow that until around that point. Appreciate the feedback.


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    Keep the servicing up to it John and you won't have any dramas. I've seen plenty of Touareg's around with a lot more kays on them and most are really happy with the reliability.
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