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Thread: Easy Manuals 2003-2018 Workshop Manual - NBG

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    Easy Manuals 2003-2018 Workshop Manual - NBG

    Having joined the ranks of Touareg owners I thought it prudent to obtain a comprehensive Workshop Manual. Initially purchased a manual in CD form from Rock Auto 2003-2006, however found that it did not meet my needs as it was not searchable. Expressed displeasure & sought refund from Rock Auto, which was forthcoming. I then purchased anothe CD based manual from EasyManuals. It arrived today, purportedly covers 2003-20018 , however most sections appear to cover 2010 on, no details of Petrol Engines, no detail 6 speed transmission. Disappointing. ( Data I was seeking, now able to find, following advice supplied by EasyManuals. They are very responsive)

    I have sent emails to EasyManuals in the UK, hopefully there will be some satisfactory resolution. It is better than the Rock Auto CD, at least it is searchable, just does not have the information that I require for a 2005 model with 3.2 V6 petrol engine & a 6 speed auto gearbox. Didn't miss the mark by much!

    EasyManuals got straight back to me, apparently I didn't open the CD correctly, the MISSING DATA is not missing & it is fully searchable. Impressed with their actions
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