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Thread: 2009 R50 - Battery/Electrical Issues

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    2009 R50 - Battery/Electrical Issues

    Hey All,

    Loving my R50. Purchased as a tow car to tow my 3t BBQ trailer. Can literally drag cars off at the lights towing 3 tonnes!!

    Just having a little battery trouble. I keep running into dead batteries at startup and needing to use a booster. Problem is that whenever I test the batteries and the charging voltage, everything seems fine.

    It has been getting worse over the past few weeks. Whenever I only did a short trip, it wouldn't start off the push button next time, I had to use the key. For those that don't know, using the key engages the backup battery.

    Forgive my Touareg ignorance, but do all of them have the dual batteries, or just the R50?

    My drama is, do I need to replace one battery, or both? Is there another test I need to have run to see which one (if either) are dead?

    A mate was telling me about VW's having "smart" alternators, and needing a gel battery or somthing like that? Is that a thing?

    Can any R50 owners (or anyone really) help me out? Has anyone suffered something similar and know any answers for me?


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    First up, if you garage the Treg at night do you lock the Treg?. Locking is advisable - it turns everything off and does not rely on "timeouts". I had a few issues with flat battery (singular as I have a V6) until I started doing this.

    Battery will be Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) I believe not "Gel".

    All the advice I can give . . .

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