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    Question VWwA Volkswagen FAQ

    Last Updated 11/9/12

    Who are the major shareholders of Volkswagen AG?

    Shareholder Structure based on Annual Report 2008

    Number of outstanding shares (as at December 31, 2011)

    Preference shares 170,142,778

    Ordinary shares 295,089,817

    In percent of subscribed capital: Current voting rights distribution (as at December 31, 2011)

    50.73% Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Stuttgart
    2.37% Porsche GmbH, Salzburg
    20.00% State of Lower Saxony, Hanover
    17.00% Qatar Holding
    9.90% Others

    more here Volkswagen Group Shareholder Structure

    Did Hitler create Volkswagen ?
    No, the concept of a "peoples car" was not Hitlers idea. Hitler did however speed the process of its development & financed the first prototypes in 1934 when he hired Ferdinand Porsche & Co. to develop the German's people's car.

    The Volkswagen company was financed by the "Reichsverband der Deutschen Automobilindustrie" RDA (German Association of Automotive Industry) which was financed by other automobile organisations, then later the (German Labour Front) [whose money was from German workers] manufactured the "people's car" and what now is Wolfsburg.
    Hitler did have this following criteria:
    -the car had to have a top speed of 100 KPH / 62MPH.
    -be able to climb hills and average 7 litres per 100km / 40 miles to the gallon.
    -an air cooled engine for reliability in all climates and be cheap to repair.
    -have to carry 2 adults and 3 children and their luggage.
    -platform sharing aka Kubelwagen & Schwimmwagen etc.
    -could only cost 990 Reichmarks.

    Why didn't Volkswagen fall after WW2 ?
    The British Government took control of the factory until a firm German Government was in place.

    Under the stewardship of Colonel Charles Radclyffe, Colonel Michael McEvoy and Major Ivan Hirst Volkswagenwerk GmbH secured a 20,000 unit order that made the company viable to produce again. Heinrich Nordhoff the first German to run VW after the war also had changed perceptions of the company.

    What Automotive Companies does Volkswagen AG Own ?

    Volkswagen - Europe's biggest auto manufacturer maker of all vehicle varieties. Active

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - formed in 1995 as a separate entity from Volkswagen, VWCV build vans & light trucks, its Truck & Bus subsidiary builds trucks ranging from 5-44 tonnes & bus chassis' ranging from 5 -18 tonnes.Active

    Audi - Auto Union an old German automobile group which comprises of Audi,DKW,Horch and Wanderer was purchased in 1965, the only company still active is Audi.Active

    NSU an old German Auto manufacturer was purchased in 1969, its engineering highlight being the Rotary engine.Inactive

    SEAT a Spanish Auto manufacturer was purchased in 1986, it use to clone FIAT models for the Spanish market.Active

    Skoda Auto a Czech Republic manufacturer was purchased in 1990 it is one of the oldest car makers in the world.Active

    Bentley a British Auto manufacturer which built Luxury cars for European royals in the early 20th Century, it was purchased in 1998 its signature is the Craftsmanship and Power.Active

    Bugatti an old French Auto manufacturer which built luxury car for European royals in the early 20th Century, it was purchased in 1998.Active

    Lamborghini is a Italian Manufacturer which builds high performance super cars, it was purchased in 1998.Active

    Porsche an old German Auto manufacturer which built high performance cars in the early 20th Century, it was purchased in 2012.Active

    Ducati is a Italian Manufacturer which builds high performance motorbikes, it was purchased in 2012.Active

    VW has Shares in following Truck Companies
    71.08% of the share capital and 75.03% voting stake in MAN SE a German Truck & Bus manufacturer.

    45.66% of the share capital 70.94% voting stake in Scania a Swedish Truck & Bus manufacturer.

    Does Volkswagen AG own any other Companies ?
    Volkswagen AG have their own Bank & Finance company and a Marine Engine company called Volkswagen Marine which builds engines for Marine vehicles.

    Who designed Volkswagen's Logo ?
    The actual inventor of the VW emblem should however be viewed as Franz Xaver Reimspiess, whose original design had already been submitted in a trademark application from 1938. A more developed emblem which showed the letters in a so-called Strahlenkranz (radiant garland) was, according to Walter, displayed on wheel caps at the Berlin Auto Show in April 1939.

    excerpt taken from :: View topic - VW Logo: Original Designer

    What is Volkswagen's Strategy towards the Environment & Sustainability ?
    This site has all the answers on Volkswagens aims towards the future

    Links of Interest

    Official Site

    Volkswagen Australia

    VW History

    Volkswagen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Volkswagen AutoMuseum (in German)

    Volkswagen Auto Pavilion


    Volkswagen Investor Relations

    Volkswagen Books

    Volkswagen Magazines

    Aircooled Magazines

    Watercooled Magazines

    Regional Magazines Australia

    Camper & Commercial Vehicle Magazines

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (in German)

    Volkswagen Truck & Bus (in Portuguese)

    Volkswagen Motorsport (in Dutch)

    Volkswagen AG

    Volkswagen AG Brand Homepages (in Italian) (in Spanish)
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    Whats the difference between Clean TDI, BlueTDI & BlueMotion ?

    Clean TDI Volkswagen Announces 50-State BLUETEC Jetta TDI for 2008

    This clean diesel Jetta meets the lowest emissions standards without the use of urea injection. Instead, a nitrogen oxide storage catalyst reduces NOx emissions by up to 90 percent. The engine management system in the Jetta changes operating modes periodically to treat the NOx that has been stored in the catalytic converter. A particulate filter in the exhaust system further reduces emissions.

    BlueTDI Geneva 2007: Volkswagen Touareg BlueTDI

    SCR is the usual international acronym for "Selective Catalytic Reduction". "Selective" refers to the fact that this catalytic converter has a very special task. Its purpose is to selectively convert the nitrogen oxide (NOx) exhaust components to nitrogen and water without generating any undesirable side products.


    Engine This new engine generally distinguishes itself through modifications in the areas charge changing (turbo charger with variable turbine geometry) and optimized exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with an improved EGR cooler and electrically powered EGR valve.

    The diesel particle filter (DPF) comes standard with the Polo BlueMotion and despite being considerably economic is very agile.

    Transmission The second technical column for saving fuel is through the power train. For its use in the Polo BlueMotion, the five gear transmission received longer translations with cruising gear characteristic that lower the rotation level. Especially the gears three to five have twelve and 24 percent longer translations. Effect: From now on, the three-cylinder TDI works in its most efficient rotation area more often and longer. These modifications in the drive train area are supported by 14” alloy wheels, especially created for the Polo BlueMotion. The wheels come standard with optimized roll resistant tires.

    Aerodynamics As a third supporting column an optimized aerodynamic helps lower the consumption. Especially the front part underwent a strong overhaul. A fluidic optimized front spoiler as well as new, except for a cross gap nearly closed radiator grille, make their way through the air stream with low air resistance (cw = 0,30, cw x A = 0,62). The aerodynamic was also improved in the rear. Here a modified heck spoiler and a roof ledge spoiler are used. All aerodynamic measures were conceptualized via calculations and test series in the wind tunnel and then transferred from the design into the components accordingly.

    Where are Australian spec Volkswagen's Built ?

    up! - Slovakia

    Polo 6N - Spain

    Polo 9N - South Africa

    Polo Classic (Sedan) 9N - China

    Polo GTI 9N - Spain

    Polo 6R Comfortline (TSI & TDI) - Trendline from MY12 - South Africa

    Polo 6R (Trendline to MY11 & GTI) - Spain

    Polo & Polo GTI 2G (2018-owards) - South Africa

    Mk5 Golf & Golf GTI 5dr - South Africa

    Mk5 Golf GTI 3dr & R32 - Germany

    Mk6 Golf inc GTI/GTD/R/Cabriolet - Germany

    Mk6 Golf Wagon - Mexico

    Mk7 Golf inc Wagon/GTI/R - Germany

    New Beetle & New Beetle Cabrio - Mexico

    Beetle - Mexico

    Jetta - Mexico [Feb 2005 to May 2008] South Africa [May 2008 to MY10] Mexico [from MY10]

    Eos - Portugal

    Scirocco R - Portugal

    Passat - Germany

    CC - Germany

    Arteon - Germany

    T-Cross - Spain

    T-Roc - Portugal

    Tiguan - Germany

    Tiguan Allspace - Mexico

    Touareg 7L/7P/CR - Slovakia

    Caddy/Caddy Life/Caddy Maxi - Poland

    Tranporter/Multivan/Caravelle/Kombi Beach - Germany

    Transporter Cab Chassis - Poland

    Amarok - Argentina / Germany

    LT - Germany

    Crafter (2E/2F) - Germany

    Crafter (7C) - Poland

    Volkswagen Engine Codes
    VW Engine Codes - Club VeeDub

    Thanks to all who have supplied info & links
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    Our new Diesel FAQ has opened in the Diesel Section

    see link below
    - Ben

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