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Thread: VW Motorsport take 2

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    VW Motorsport take 2

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    Download the brochure here: Golf GTI TCR

    Key details / info:

    Engine Type: Straight-four engine with turbocharger and intercooling, transversally mounted in front of the front axle
    Capacity: 1,984 cc
    Output: 243 kW (330 hp) at 6,200 rpm
    Torque: 420 Nm at 2,500 rpm
    Bore/stroke: 82.5 mm/92.8 mm
    Engine control unit: Continental SIMOS

    How much does the Golf GTI TCR cost?
    Golf GTI TCR with sequential gearbox: 110,000 Euro plus VAT per car.
    Golf GTI TCR with direct shift gearbox (recommended just for endurance races): 90,000 Euro plus VAT per car.

    How can I order a Golf GTI TCR?
    Send us an informal query by e-mail to

    What are the terms of payment?
    Down payment of 20 % of the net list price when placing the order The remaining amount is transferred before the car is delivered.

    How long does it take from ordering a Golf GTI TCR to the car being delivered?
    As a result of the customised production and individual order situation, we recommend you allow a lead time of four months.

    Once spare parts have been ordered, how long does it take for them to be delivered?
    As a rule, spare parts are available promptly. A delivery time of about one week is planned from receipt of payment.

    Are spare parts also sold at the circuit on race weekends?
    Yes, we sell spare parts at the circuit in the TCR International Series, TCR Germany, and TCR Benelux.
    We are planning to increase the logistic and availability at other TCR championships.

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