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Thread: So why did you choose Volkswagen ?

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    I have been a VW nut since day one. Call it something in my blood or simply my German heritage (Mum is German), either way.

    My first car was a Mustard Brown 1970 Type 3 Fastback TLE. 1600, fuel injected with a set of extractors. It was loud and obnoxious.. just like me It was rebuilt from the ground up, new paint (Bright yellow!), new interior, new engine and gearbox. It was my uni cruiser for three years. It went everywhere, I slept in it... I loved it! I was even a member of Club VeeDub.

    Sadly it was written off when my Brother mates plowed into the back of it at a set of lights. I often think about getting another one... maybe one day when I can afford an "extra" vehicle. For the moment I prefer the finer things that comes with airbags and air conditioning

    I strayed for a few years through a Mazda 626 and a Hyundai Elantra which were bought more for practicality than anything else. In 2006ish I picked up a '79 Mk1 Golf GLD to drive to the station as well as something which I could put my son in if I needed to. I drove that for a while before feeling the craving for something that was less smokey and maybe a touch more power. The Mk2 GTI was squarely on the cards until I stumbled across this thing called a VR6.

    A V6 engine in a Golf you say...

    I had to have one.

    I was lucky enough to find my car for a nice price, although it had a few (lots) of the usual issues. A little TLC and what turned out to be more than a few $$ and all those have been replaced with shiny new parts as well as a few additional little personalisations. Once again I'm in something that matches my... low, loud and obnoxious

    I have since talked Mrs_Hawk into a 2010 Kombi which she loves.

    Recently I have been on the hunt for a replacement to the VR6, maybe something a little quieter, something a little newer and more comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love the VR and would love to keep it, but since the family need to go it more often these days I'm looking to replace it.

    The funny thing is that I just can't bring myself to seriously consider much else. Test driving a Polo through a Holden dealership the comparison of what you could get for the same money was thrown in my face... still can't do it. I'm a VAG man. Maybe an Audi... but probably a VW.

    I'm now on the hunt for a new Golf Convertible.... soon... soon.
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    Right size, right price, technology under the bonnet, had far better finish and refinement than the Fords and Holdens I had been driving, and amazingly invisible to the coppers. Far less infighting on this forum that the Ford one, a nice "scene". A car that actually went round corners in stock form, and returned amazing economy when thrashed. I'm happy!
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    I think the first thing that made me want a vw was the sound that came from those beautiful twin tips of an R32... Been in love ever since and recently got myself a bora for my first car!!!
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    Needed a fast practical wagon, that had some class. Nothing came close on the market (below $100k) to the R36 so it was a no brainier and will be a good intro to the world of European vehicles.

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    I learnt to drive in an old 6 volt beatle. About a 1960 model I think. Many many years later, my back and I had given up motorcycles and had taken up WRXs. I was on my second WRX when the new model WRX came out (Current shape). As soon as the first one arrived in town the wife and I went for a test drive. I was bitterly disappointed. More power, poor handling and ****e brakes. I though my older one was better. On the way home the wife suggested trying a GTI, I wasn't that interested really but thought I'd give it a go. And wow, changed my life.
    So now I have an R32, it is perfect for me and love it.

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    So why did you choose Volkswagen ?

    I use to read Wheels Magazines a lot and Vw"s were getting top reviews, so suggested my brother buy a Golf when he was looking for his first car. When it came time for me to upgrade, the Polo was coming out and it was winning everything as well, was a obvious choice.

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    My first VW is also my first new car. My first car with warranty. My first car paid for with a work car allowance.

    I've been in a Subaru Liberty for 12 years, with models from '89 to '07. The decision to change was brought about by an engine failure, and I wanted to swap from sedan to wagon. I've modified my last two cars to make them the car they should be, and given I was getting it financed, it made sense to get new.
    What I've noticed thoughout my thorough decision process, is that modern cars in general are pretty sterile, and I test drove cars from 125kw diesels (Skoda Octavia RS) to 310KW (Ford F6). The F6 was really quick, but too deceptively so,while the new Liberty GT was worse in every fashion than my previous (modified '07) Liberty.

    The V6 4-motion looked good, had a suitable amount of go (even if it doesn't push you back in the seat with a rush of the turbo) and was a nice place to spend a reasonable amount of time. I'd say VW have about 3 years to build my loyalty to the brand. It's started well enough so far.

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    Wanted a Superbug as my first car, wasn't gonna happen, looked around aimlessly at little, plain, boring Jap boxes and even a few land yachts, (Falcodores).

    Then I stumbled across this weird little car, a MK2 Golf GTI.

    Bought it and love it to bits, it's low, loud and slow but incredibly satisfying to drive and it got me through my first 5 years of driving.
    Have a MK4 GTI now too, for when the MK2 is getting attention.
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    1st car was a 1972 Beetle which lasted 3 years before the motor was using oil like it was going out of fashion.
    Had a 1996 Golf for several years which I loved driving ( though always secretly wished I got the V6 version instead).

    Getting a 2010 CC which has to be one of the sexiest machines ever built.

    ...... After nearly 25 years of driving I just seem to keep coming back to the VW.

    One day I'll get a Karmman Gia too.

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    EoTY >bump<
    - Ben

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